Please find below our staffing structure. Alternatively you can download this information by clicking the document link above.

School Staffing 2021-2022

Head Teacher                                                          ~          Miss Glenys Chalk

Deputy Head/Head of KS2/Pupil Progress           ~          Miss Mandie Tsang

Leader of Learning/ Head of KS1                          ~          Mrs Ruth McKenny

(with responsibility for Pupil
Premium and vulnerable groups.)

Leader of Learning/ Foundation Stage            ~          Miss Chloe Smith

SENCO and Inclusion Manager                        ~          Mrs Linda Burrows

                                                                                         Miss Claire Laverick

 Clerical Staff                                                     ~          Miss Lynn Graham

                                                                                        Miss Julia Tierney

Safeguarding Leads                                         ~          Miss Glenys Chalk

                                                                                        Miss Paula Bibby

                                                                                        Miss Katie Speakman




Miss Chloe Smith

& Mrs Sue Berks 


Miss Kate Mars 

Year 1

Mrs Linda Burrows

& Mrs Hayley Hewitt 

Year 2

Mrs Ruth McKenny 

Year 3

Miss Claire Laverick 

Year 4

Miss Nic Kinsella 

Year 5

Miss Paula Bibby 

Year 6

Miss Mandie Tsang (Deputy)

& Miss Stella Harris 

Support Teachers

Mrs Claire Latham 

Learning Manager (Level 4)

Pastoral Lead

Miss Katie Speakman




 Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Sue Berks

Level 3/HLTA

Mrs Pauline Fenney  (part time)

Level 2

Miss Vicky Cunliffe

Level 2

Mrs Sue Neil

Level 2

Mrs Marie Roberts (mornings only)

Level 2

Mrs Yvonne Smith

Level 2

Mrs Lynn Tilley

Level 2

Mr James Veitch

Level 2

Mr Adam Hill

Level 2

Mrs Stephanie Begley

Level 2

Mrs Kelly Collins-Featherstone

Level 2

Mrs Sophie Chesworth

Level 2

Mrs Nicola Wignall

Level 2

Mrs Michelle Kelly

Level 2

Mrs Lauren Maley

Level 2

Mrs Laura Anderson

Level 2

Miss Claire Jones

Level 2

Mrs Kate Greenall

Level 2

Miss Kelly Allward  (part time)

Level 2


Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Denise Swift (Cook)

Mrs. Pauline Simpson

Mrs. Karen Howarth


Midday Supervisors

Mrs. Joanne Tully

Mrs. Helen Gannon

Mr James Veitch/Mrs Pauline Fenney

Mrs. Angela Leyland

Mrs Corinne Potter

Mrs. Debbie Dixon



Mr Brian Harvey  


Mrs M Derbyshire

Mrs D Swift

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