Please find below our staffing structure. 

School Staffing 2021-2022

Head Teacher 


Mrs Clare Powell

Deputy Head/Head of KS2/Pupil Progress


Miss Mandie Tsang

Leader of Learning/ Head of KS1

(with responsibility for Pupil

Premium and vulnerable groups.)

Mrs Ruth McKenny

Leader of Learning/ Foundation Stage


Miss Chloe Smith


SENCO and Inclusion Manager  


Mrs Linda Burrows

Miss Claire Laverick

Clerical Staff  


Miss Lynn Graham

Miss Julia Tierney 

Safeguarding Leads  

 Miss Paula Bibby

 Mrs Clare Powell

 Miss Claire Laverick 

 Miss Vicky Cuncliffe (Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager)





Miss Chloe Smith& Mrs Sue Berks 


Miss Kate Mars 

Year 1

Mrs Linda Burrows & Mrs Hayley Hewitt 

Year 2

Mrs Ruth McKenny 

Year 3

Miss Claire Laverick 

Year 4

Miss Nic Kinsella 

Year 5

Miss Paula Bibby 

Year 6

Miss Mandie Tsang (Deputy Head ) & Miss Stella Harris 

Support Teachers


Mrs Claire Latham



Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Sue Berks

Level 3/HLTA

Mrs Pauline Fenney  (part time)

Level 2

Miss Vicky Cunliffe

Level 2

Mrs Sue Neil

Level 2

Mrs Yvonne Smith

Level 3

Mrs Lynn Tilley

Level 2

Mr James Veitch

Level 2

Mr Adam Hill

Level 2

Mrs Stephanie Begley

Level 2

Mrs Kelly Collins-Featherstone

Level 2

Mrs Nicola Wignall

Level 2

Mrs Michelle Kelly

Level 2

Mrs Lauren Maley

Level 2

Mrs Laura Anderson

Level 2

Miss Claire Jones

Level 2

Mrs Kate Greenall

Level 2

Miss Kelly Allward  (part time)

Level 2


Kitchen Staff
Mrs Denise Swift
Mrs Pauline Simpson
Mrs Karen Howard
Midday Supervisors
Miss Kelly Allward
Miss Kelly Peters
Mrs Angela Leyland
Mrs. Helen Gannon
Mrs Tapiwa Skinner
Mrs Pauline Fenney/Mrs Kelly Featherstone
Mrs Jennifer Cooper
Mrs. Debbie Dixon




Mr Brian Harvey




Mrs Margaret Derbyshire

Mrs Denise Swift





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