Nursery 2020 - 2021

Miss Smith

Welcome to Nursery!

with Mrs Smith, Mrs Berks, Mr Hill, Miss Heeley and Mrs Tilley.

During the week the children will be taking part in these activities;

Wellie Walk - the children will be putting on their wellies and venturing out into the school grounds.

Adventure Time - we will be linking up with the Reception setting on a Wednesday. During this time the children will take part in a variety of outdoor activities in both garden areas.

Snack Time - children can access the snack bar when they are ready for their snack during the session. They will be helping to set the table, make their snack and tidy away after they have finished.

Projects - the children will be able to contribute to ongoing projects, such as gardening, cooking and small world craft throughout the week.


Most of the children's learning will take place through child initiated activities, following their interests in the moment. Some activities are planned in advance which we will share with you on the weekly newsletter, however  the children's interests can often take us in all sorts of directions, so please check in on our classroom board and Tapestry to see what we have been getting busy with in nursery.

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