Nursery 2018 - 2019

Mrs McKenny

Welcome to Nursery!

with Mrs McKenny, Mrs Berks, Mrs Tilley, and Mr Hill.

During the week the children will be taking part in these activities;

Tuesday Trek! - the children will be putting on their wellies and venturing out into the school grounds.

Adventure Time - we will be linking up with the Reception setting on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. During this time the children will take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. One particular activity will be 'Numberland' where the children will explore different numbers.

Snack Time - children will be assisting adults in preparing the snack for their group. We will put on our notice board what the snack is for that day. Some weeks the children will be baking.

Jobs - Each session we will be selecting 2 children to be the 'chefs' and help make snack, and 2 children to be the 'safety checkers' and check that our outdoor equipment is safe to use.

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