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Welcome to Rivington Primary School

We invite you to come on an exciting learning journey.

Take your passport and visit interesting countries, learn different languages, travel back in time, imagine the future.

Discover fascinating things about yourself and the world in which we live.

Learn how to do things by yourself and how to work with other people. Learn from your friends and learn how to be a friend.


Discover, create, invent, explore.


Join the adventure...


We hope you enjoy our website. If you have any suggestions on how we can make it even better please let us know.

Miss Glenys Chalk


If you would like a paper copy of any of the documentation on our website, please call in to the school office where it can be provided free of charge.



Covid 19

The school office will be closing from today (Tuesday 24th March) and staff will be working from home.

If your child is attending our Keyworker's Care Facility and you need to contact us urgently, please ring 07513180041.

For non-urgent queries or to book places, please contact us vis email rivingtonp@sthelens.org.uk.

Thank you.



At the moment we are unable to show people around our Nursery but please look at our website or contact us at rivingtonp@sthelens.org.uk for more information. You can also view a virtual tour of our Nursery by watching the video below.


Contact The School

Rivington Primary School

Tennis Street North

Dentons Green

St Helens, Merseyside

WA10 6LF

Headteacher: Miss Glenys Chalk

Office Manager: Miss Lynn Graham

Tel: 01744 678493

Email: rivingtonp@sthelens.org.uk

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