Year 5 - Photography

Date: 2nd Mar 2016 @ 4:30pm

This week in school, we took part in a photography workshop. On Monday we met Colin, the photographer, who taught us all about photography and how to use a camera.

Then we split into groups and took photos around the school. These photos are going to be put into a book to show all the wonderful things about our school. We took all of the photos and are very proud of them.

We really enjoyed using the cameras. We hope you like our photos, below are some of our favourites.  

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Kaitlyn wrote:

It was very fun and we took some amazing pictures.

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Eva wrote:

Wow it looks like you had a fun.

Beth H and Sophie-Lei wrote:

We had a lot of fun doing photography it was fantastic

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Miaa wrote:

Wow! It looked like you had lots of fun. What was your favourite part.

Kaitlyn wrote:

Well it was all fantastic I couldn't choose my favourite part.

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Grace wrote:

Wow year 5 you look like you had been learning how to use a camera.In the future you may be a photographer.

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Nicole wrote:

Wow that must be so much fun to do

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Emelia wrote:

You look like your having lots of fun😄

Sophie-Lei wrote:

We did have a lot of fun Emelia but sadly I was off on the last day :(

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Sam wrote:

Looks like your having a great time😎

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Jack's Mum. wrote:

These are all fantastic pictures, that capture the fun to be had when at this school. Everyone looks like they are really enjoying their day. Well done year 5.

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Ela wrote:

I really loved doing photography, it was fun, I captured some amazing memories.

: D

Jodi wrote:

Me too!

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Talia wrote:

These photos are only some of them we took a lot but they were all amazing so well done everyone

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Thomas wrote:

Well done fantastic they are all good I couldn't pick my favourite

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Nicole wrote:

Wow that looked like it was fun I wish I was doing that

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Ty-Lea wrote:

That day was so much fun.

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