Junior Democracy Debate

Date: 10th Jan 2017 @ 3:16pm

Junior Democracy Debate

In the first term of Year 6 two members of the Junior Road Safety committee travelled to the St Helens Town Hall to take part in a democracy debate representing Rivington. While they were there they were split into four colour groups (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue).

All the teams were gathered in a large room where they were told what was happening that day. After the discussion they were sent into different rooms to work on projects that would benefit our lives in St Helens.

When they returned, group by group, they showed their projects and after each group showed their work everyone was able to comment and ask questions on what they had done. Then by the end there was a winner that was picked.

The council took everything into consideration and no point made was ignored. After that task everybody was awarded a certificate given to them by the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress. They then were gathered for a photo and then left.

Sam and Ela

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