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Date: 2nd Feb 2016 @ 9:58am

Hello! Today (well I mean last week but don’t tell anyone) all of Rivington Primary School dressed up as a character from a book. Then we wrote a diary like the person we were dressed up as. I went as Hetty Feather and this is a bit of my diary entry:

Today is the 24th October. The day started of just like any other. I woke up early to light the fire and make Mr Buchnans daily breakfast (Sausage, egg and beans.)

IIt was fun to see everyone’s different outfits and choice of character. Some of us wrote our diary in the entrance corridor, it inspired us to think of different places our characters might go to write their diary. There was even a 'space' area.                                                 

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tylea wrote:

I really enjoyed dressing up as Chelsea parker

Sophie-lei wrote:

We all enjoyed this day Ty-lea

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Sophie -Lei wrote:

I was Bette Midler on that day I loved dressing up I was just wearing my own clothes.I had a blast.

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Kaitlyn wrote:

I had an adventurous but very fun day.

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Sam S wrote:

It was really fun

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Reanne and Mia wrote:

I like how you all are dressed up different and you told us about your selves

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Grace wrote:

Wow Year 5 I really like that you have used Brakets or parenthesis 🤓

Jodi wrote:

Thanks. It was fun to write.

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