Book Week

Date: 26th Feb 2016 @ 11:13am

It has been a very exciting week in our school this week. It is book week! The theme of our book week is ‘As a reader I can…’

Below are some of our answers to this along with our ‘books in a bottle’ This is where we had to design a bottle that had clues to our book. We had a lot of fun trying to guess each other’s books in a bottle.

We had teachers from different classes come to read to us and we went and read to Year Two. It was so lovely to share our favourite stories with another class.

On Thursday we dressed up as inventors, explorers or adventurers and took part in book trails set up by another class. There are some photos below. It was a great day!

In Year Five we love reading so this was a perfect week for us. 

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Reanne and Mia wrote:

Beth I hope you can invent the next best planet. Good luck

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Leia and Ethan wrote:

We like the stuff you did I wish we was at your school and we can see that you have been doing lots of interesting things like makeing speech bubbles

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Kaitlyn wrote:

I enjoyed book week it was a very exciting day.

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Ryan wrote:

Good job Rivington school on 3/3/2016 we did stoof about Peter Pan to at Hopwood c.p school.

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James P wrote:

You look like you enjoyed your world book day! The 'As a reader I can' notes are really good! ;)

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tylea wrote:

I love it

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Ruby wrote:

All your costumes look amazing our book week was Peter Pan .

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Emelia and James wrote:

You look like you had a great book week!!🙃

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Isabelle wrote:

Wow this looks like you had a lot of fun ! Our theme was Peter Pan

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