A Star in a Jar

Date: 6th Mar 2018 @ 8:42pm

On Monday Mrs McKenny found a star in her garden. It had fallen from the sky and was lay twinkling on the grass. She picked it up and put it in a jar. The next day Mrs McKenny brought the star in the jar into Nursery. We all decided that we wanted to take it with us on our wellie walk. First we took the star to see the elephants on the school bridge. Then we took it to the den and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Finally we took it to show the children in Reception class. We really enjoyed taking the star on a journey but we think that soon it will start to feel lonely and want to go back home to the night sky. Please can you help us find a way to send the star back. We would like you to put your ideas on our blog.

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