Values, Ethos and Aims


Our Values

 In 2017 parents, staff, governors and children identified 12 values that we wanted to promote in the school.


In 2019 the children came up with 4 overarching values and we have built our learning and

curriculum around these:


Respect, Protect, Give Thanks, Keep Peace.



We aim to foster a family ethos at Rivington in which each member of the community feels valued and can develop confidence in themselves and their abilities; secure in the knowledge that they have an important contribution to make. 


We aim for high standards across the curriculum and for every child to discover their talents and interests.


 We aim for every child to be literate and numerate to unlock other areas of learning and raise their aspirations for the future.



We will work with the wider community to help our children and their families to adopt healthy lifestyles, stay safe and achieve mental and physical well-being.


We aim to build a safe atmosphere where high quality learning can take place; children can learn from their mistakes, take responsibility for themselves and develop

independence and resilience.  This will promote creativity, imagination and a love of learning.


Give Thanks

We will encourage pupils to appreciate the natural world, themselves and each other and promote positive attitudes to life.


We aim to encourage children to explore their environment and build on their knowledge and appreciation of the world through creative experiences.


Keep Peace

We aim to create an atmosphere in which children value themselves and others, their ideas, beliefs, feelings, property and their environment.  We actively promote the skills they need in order to empathise, resolve conflict and work and play peaceably together.


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