Rivington Primary School Curriculum Overview

We follow the National Curriculum, enhancing and tailoring it to meet the needs of our community and pupils.  In RE, we follow the locally agreed syllabus as advised by SACRE.  The broad and balanced curriculum has always been a strength of our school. We believe that a wide ranging curriculum supports standards in all subjects and in order to work securely and at greater depth children need to be encouraged to transfer their knowledge and make connections.

Curriculum Intent

The aim of our curriculum is to interest and engage our pupils in learning as an exciting journey.  We want to foster the love of learning encouraging them to discover; create; invent and explore and prepare them well for the future. 

Our school community serves an area with many challenges and we have high expectations for our pupils in order to increase cultural capital and narrow gaps.  We carefully balance the requirement for pupils to reach national expectations and beyond in core subjects, with our wider curriculum aims of providing a full spectrum of thoughtful and enriching experiences which reflect the needs of the school community and extend the children’s life experience further.  We endeavour to take every opportunity to raise aspirations and increase self-confidence through our general learning ethos, our approach to teaching and learning and in the content of the curriculum itself.  We aim to improve children’s knowledge and understanding of their town and help them to respect, appreciate and see where they live in a positive way.

Enabling our children to be effective communicators is a priority for now and for their future and well-chosen texts,  key vocabulary and opportunities for writing are utilised whenever possible and across subject areas.

Through our curriculum we weave our school values; Respect, Protect, Give Thanks and Keep Peace and promote positivity and well-being.  



Subjects are being taught discretely, however cross curricular links are utilised where appropriate to extend learning further and promote the transference of skills.

A wide variety of teaching methods are used which are designed to give the children the chance to learn in different ways.  Children are taught as a whole class group, paired and individual work are widely used.

We wish to help pupils become more effective, independent, reflective learners through;


  • promoting greater independence and enabling children to take responsibility for their own learning
  • encouraging reflection, choice and decision making about methods and aspects of learning
  • supporting self and peer evaluation including responses to marking and checking work
  • encouraging creative methods of learning
  • developing the children’s skills in collaborative learning and team building
  • having high expectations of all our children and providing challenge especially for our Higher Attainers
  • continuing to create an enriched curriculum which is innovative and relevant to our children’s needs
  • developing children as lifelong learners, preparing them for the future including developments in technology and different methods of working
  • valuing contributions made to the outside community and recognising the important roles of parents and carers in supporting their own child’s learning


We want our children to be confident and happy with the skills and strategies to manage their own wellbeing. To know that our school values of ‘Respect, Give Thanks, Protect, Keep Peace’, apply not only within our school but also to the world beyond.


As a result of our ambitious, creative curriculum, our children leave school with an enriched

vocabulary and a sound knowledge and skills base, which together with competency in basic skills, allows them to be well prepared for their future learning. The majority of our children leave us

reading at or above the expected standard, which enables them to unlock knowledge across a range of subjects.  Children leave our school as confident individuals with the skills to manage their own learning.  They have effective strategies for ensuring their own health, wellbeing and the values needed to be a good citizen.


Equality and SEN Statement

At Rivington Primary School we aim to provide equality of opportunity for all children whatever their age, ability, gender, race, religion or background.  We aim to create an environment that values each pupil and enables them to achieve their full potential.  We provide a broad and balanced curriculum appropriately differentiated to respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs.  The opportunities and experiences we provide enable our pupils to participate fully and give their best across all aspects of school life.  We place great value on the quality of relationships within our school community and celebrate the achievements of all pupils.

We appreciate that children may have additional needs throughout, or at any time during their school career.  At Rivington Primary School we aim to facilitate the full inclusion of pupils with special educational needs.







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