Wellie Walk - Stick Man

Date: 9th Jan 2017 @ 8:41pm

On our wellie walk we took our very own Stick Man with us and we had a look to see what is taller and shorter than Stick Man. We compared him against trees, the basketball net, and took him inside the den and pergola to see if he could fit.

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Laura Atherton (Imogen's Mum) wrote:

Your stick man is great Nursery!!!!
He was very tall. Did he fit under the bridge?

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Abigail wrote:

Nursery are so cute

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lotti year 3 wrote:

they are all so cute and no affence but how did they make that. your stick man is great nursery .Nursery are all so cute yr 123456play on that play ground. big boys and girls now arent you. he was very tall. did e fit under the bridge\ teachers if you have some free time tell the kids about this love you all happy mondayfrom lotti and all the school. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv you all. xxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxo

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