Acorn Farm

Date: 19th Feb 2017 @ 9:15pm

On Thursday 9th February, Acorn Farm visited our Nursery. They brought some interesting farm animals that we were very excited to meet. We met 2 rabbits called Muffin and Buzz, 2 guinea pigs called Biscuit and Zoe, 2 goats called Paul and Colin, and 2 sheep called Ethel and Martha. During our small group time we thought about what we would like to know about these animals and thought about some questions we could ask. Take a look at our photographs and see if you can answer our questions.

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Laura Atherton (Imogen's Mum) wrote:

The day the farm came to nursery looks like lots of fun everyone.
Imogen to your question do cows drink milk? Baby cows do yes but adult cows drink water. I know Imogen you really enjoy your milk and milk babycino's.
An to your question Myla the milk can be got from the cows udders by hand or a machine by squeezing the teats. Hope this helps with your questions everyone.

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David Atherton (Imogen's Dad) wrote:

Looks like you all had a exciting morning with the farm animals.
Imogen was the rabbit you are stroking Buzz or Muffin? Our rabbit (Peter Rabbit) at home is a little smaller than that one isn't he?

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Claire Sewell (Michael's mum) wrote:

Great pictures, Mikey loved the animals even though the goats tried to eat his hat! 😃

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